Double Rooms

Double rooms are more spacious. They also contain king size beds, perfect for couples or singles. As with all of our rooms, double rooms will contain en-suite shower and wash facilities.

Private Wing

Our private wing consists of two double rooms joined together with a self-contained kitchen and living area in between, ideal for families and long-term residents who would value a more personal stay. The private wing is also accessible from a separate entrance.

Single Rooms

Our single rooms are designed for those who don’t need the additional space of a larger room. Single rooms still include en-suite facilities and all amenities as found in other rooms, but contain a single bed.

Executive Rooms

Our executive rooms are designed to provide you with a more luxurious stay with us. These rooms are more spacious and have super king beds and a luxury bathtub in addition to the shower facilities to help you relax and enjoy your stay with us.